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There are many reasons to love hardwood floors. Natural colors, beautiful grain, and perfectly imperfect marks that speak to the character and uniqueness of each board, just to name a few. Here are a few more:

Natural, Timeless

Hardwood floors will create an elegant and inviting environment in your home. Our high-quality hardwood floors bring a rich, lasting appeal to any room.


Hardwood resists stains and scratches better than the competition, keeping your floors looking younger longer with easy no-wax care. These are floors meant to be lived on.

Beautiful Design

Hardwood is an incredibly beautiful design element in any room. Regardless of the style you choose, it can be the perfect foundation of a room’s design.

Variety of Looks

Hardwood floors represent the beauty & variety from nature using a wide range of hardwood species: maple, oak, hickory, walnut, pine, birch, and cherry. We have them all.

Character & Value

Hardwood’s naturally occurring patina can add history and character. Adding hardwood to your home is definitely an investment and can add value to your home.

Construction Options

There’s a number of options when deciding which hardwood surface is best for your home. You can choose from solid, engineered & EPIC Plus™.

Where can hardwood floors be installed?


Hardwood floor must be nailed down into a wood subfloor. This is generally a Plywood is generally used for subflooring.


Subfloor must be dry with a moisture level less than 12%.


Depending on the spacing of your joists, the subfloor should be a minimum of ⅝” thick for joists 16” apart and thicker the further apart the joists are. Chec

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Our Flooring2You.com mobile showroom will bring a wide selection of floors to your home and make it easy to choose the right product. 

The mobile showroom brings convenience and selection right to your home so you can get a clear picture of what products will look best in your space.

Our mobile showrooms carry a wide selection of products so you won’t be wasting your time driving back and forth to different showrooms. Get it all done at one time. 


Schedule your in-home appointment easily with our calendar booking app. We'll confirm your date/time with you and bring our mobile showroom right to your door.


From your home you'll be able to discuss your design ideas with us, get all your questions answered, browse samples and see what they'll look like in the same room.


Once your flooring arrives, it's time to install! Our team of professional installers will get started & finished faster than you'd expect. Our warranty is unmatched in the industry.

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